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    Tata  Salt - Iodized 1 kg
    Tata Salt - Iodized, 1 kg Pouch

    Tata Salt - Iodized, 1 kg Pouch

    Rs. 17.00
  • Qty

  • Tata Salt - Iodized

    Tata Iodized Salt is obtained by evaporating sea water or brine in shallow basins by wind and sunlight. It is the essence of all life, enabling good strength and health. Tata Iodine Salt helps to standardize metabolism and development, particularly in babies and children. It is kindness that goes into every pack of Tata Iodized Salt.

    Iodised Salt contains Permitted anti caking agent.

    Edible common salt, anti-caking agent (INS 551), potassium iodated, crystal modifier (INS 536).


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    Tata Iodized Salt Online

    TATA salt is a name of reliability and dependability in almost every Indian household. Bringing health and taste to every house in India, TATA have provided the top class quality salt since ages. Tata-the leading manufacturer and marketer of salt has now brought Tata Iodized Salt and low sodium salt to better suit individual needs, depending on their genetic make-up and their lifestyle. Tata Iodized Salt aims to eradicate the deficiency of Iodine from this widely used condiment. Enforced with the optimum amount of Iodine, Tata Iodized Salt is manufactured tofulfill the iodine needs of pregnant women and even children. Tata Iodine Salt helps to regulate metabolism and development, especially in babies and children. Iodine Tata Salt wards of brain impairments and assures a healthy mental function. Tata Iodised Salt is manufactured using high end technological processes and is almost completely free from any foreign matter and thus, reaches consumers in the purest possible form.

    Tata Iodised Salt Benefits

    Tata Iodised Salt is known for its reliable quality and is used in a majority of Indian households, restaurants and hotels. Tata Iodised Salt is a super-refined, vacuum-evaporated and produced to deliver the very best for its customers. The Iodine content in Tata Salt is 15 ppm which is perfectly balanced to assure a proper mental growth in children and ward off any chance of iodine deficiency in adults. Due to the pure form and fine crystalline structure of Tata Iodised Salt dissolves very quickly and gives a well distributed taste. These flawless grains of Tata Iodine Salt will not only add taste to your food but also provide good nutrients for you and your family.

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